27. apr. 2013

Armadillo egg bacon wrapped.

Armadillo eggs are one of my favorites, small and tasty. This time I mad an mild wariety with chilli you may also use jalapeno or hot chilli.

Started by rinsing the seads and stuff the chilli with cheese.

Minched meat with Nafle's taco seasoning was the wrapped around the cheese stuffed chilli. Right there you got a nice armadillon egg.

To ad some taste I rapped them in Bacon and seasoned with Nafle's PP rub

My smoker was heated to 230 - 275*F and Cherry wood added for smoke.

Last 10 minutes of the coock was made with direct heat to get the bacon a bit crisp.

Perfect as a apetiser, main dish or just for snack lots of flavors. Enjoy.