15. des. 2012

Pulled Pork

Its been a while, I'll have to thank all of you that are klikking on my site. I hope you all get something out of it :)

On wednesday I desided that i wanted to test my new drum all the way with the ultimate pulled pork. usually i have done this on my Weber 22.5" and thougt that was a good solution.

The pork but placed in the refridgerator and the rub ready, for the moment I was using the european allstars pp rub. I got a sample from my brother inlaw, The hungry butcher BBQ pit.

Thursday, the but was trimmed and rubbed. and on friday night at 1900 Big D. was fired up. I used 6 chunks of cherry for the smoke this time. and just before the meat hit the smoke I rubed just one more time.

the temp were stady between 95- 110*C all the time, just had a peak when i flipped the but and added some charcoal after 15 hours :) (I have to tell that it vas no need for that realy)

When I went to sleep I had two wents open and as said stedy 110*- during the night (the 6 hours I slept) it started to snow. And that made the temp drop.. it dropped to 93*C, and from the graf that i had in my Igrill the temp was steady on 95-96*C during that periode. At the same time it started to snow, aprox 20 - 25 cm fell this morning.

so I had to open the went all the way to get it up to 110 again. (Better lo than to high :) )

After 19 hours the core temp hit the spot. then I wraped the pork in aluminium foil three layers with aple juice.

served wit mashed potatoes, slaw, burger buns and Nafles baced beans

Just yummy. :)