11. mai 2015

Pork chops

Hi to you all that have klikked on my site. I'm sorry I have been writing here lately. I do by the way publice more often on my FB site: FB NafleBBQ.

Anyway, this weekend I have been trying to prepare to upgrade my back port. so something simple had to be made.

Pork chops, potatosalad and salad with grilled beatroot. 

The drum is a litle rusty after a hard winter (not used nearly enough) fired up. When the heat got right, I seasoned the pork chops with Big Poppa desert gold ,and made the potato salad.



3 dl Sourcream
1 dl Majo
1 tbl spoonLemon juice
by choise Nice BBQ seasoning
7 Potatoes (bouled or baked in cubes)
1-2 Green apple cut in to cubes
1-2 spring onions
smal can sweet corn

Mix it all together and place in fridgerator.

The heat is right 225*F the chops get on the smoke - Today I used apple because of the mild nice flavour to the pork. Left it on for about an hour (use a thermomether for a core tempereture if you nre sure).

When done i wrapped them in foil and rested for 10 min. Lifted the charcoal bin to get a nice hot temperature. seared the meat for 30 sec on eatch side (to get the grid).

Sun was shining when I plated and served:

Hope you liked this - and tnx for klikking. More will come soon.

30. aug. 2013

Moinkballs - texmex style

Then the summer is on the run and the fall is on the way. Time to get the UDS out again. I recon that moust of you know about the combination  of meatballs and bacon in a nice glace. And I know many uses frosen, premade meatballs for that.

I prefer to make the meatballs raw, and bacon wrap them and smoke for 40-50 min at 120- 150*F

the UDS i perfect for this cook.

You will need:

800gr. Minched meat
1 yellow onion,
1-2 cloves garlic
2-4 tb spoons nafle taco seasoning
1 chilli, (non seeded for some more heat)

2-4 packages of nice bacon slices.

To get moust flavour of the smoke, put the meat on before the heat are on the spot ( The cold smoke sets a better flavour than the hot the first 10 min.

scoop 1 tb spoon and shape the meatballs.

light the charcoals and take the apple wood chunks out of the water,

Wrap the bacon around (I preffer twice) the meatballs

put on the UDS - with the charcoal bin at the lowest with a heatdeflector.

After 30 min I try to see if the meatballs are "set" and glaces them first time.

35 min glace secound time
40 min glace tird time
45 min glace last time
50 min done.

these moink balls are superb in the lunch boks, in salads, with pasta or baked potatoes. also with rice.

Enjoy, and thanks for klikking . :)

10. juni 2013

Salmon plank smoked

After a lot of meat on the Big D. I desided that it was time to have some easy but still tasty food. Some time back I found a ressepie that supposely are an old native american tradition from the area Pacific Northwest. and the Swedish also have an tradition of making fish this way. For the right flavour and heat resistanse I use Cedertree plank for cooking.

First I got two nice peaces of salmon. Coated them with a layer of mustard. Here you can use aone you like.

Then a little bit of brown sugguar

Some lemon pepper

and topping with dill

you might also add a lime or lemon slice or two on top of this.

I wanted to steam the potatoes so I wrapped them in tinnfoil and addet half a cup of wather

The plank was soaked for 6 hours and placed directly over the charcoal until it started do smoke. then the deflector and potatoes was placed on top of the charcoal bin.

The plank with was placed with the hot side UP and the fish was placed with the skinn side DOWN on the hot plank and the lid was placed. Let the whole thing smoke with apple chunks for 20 - 30 min on 275-285*F (135*C)

The temp on the side in the drum
Temp in the middle of the drum

The fish was NOT dry for anyone thinking that and the potatoes got 10 min more on the drum than the fish.

Testing the fish with a fork that it is cooked properly. On the side of the fish you see the probe for the Igrill.

Served with cucumber salad - Bon apetit.

Ribeye Medium Rare

After assembeling a drum smoker for my friend, i really got hungry. So the ribeye I had in the refridgerator had to get room tempered. propper rubbed and rested it came on for some smoke on 250* - 275*F and smoket wit mesquit lumps until it reached an internal temp for 140*F.

Set aside and rested for 10 min while the charcoal bin was set in high position for the sear.

During the cok it came a rainstorm... and the drum held the temp right on :)

Seared for two minutes each side, then done.. :)

The potatoes took a litle longer than I had thought, so at the end i wrapped them in tinfoil with a drop of wather so they got steemed the last bit. But got a nice smoked flavour.

The corn bacon wrapped was on the last thing just searing. Served with salad of choice. this time with feta cheese iceberg salad, tomatoes, sweet corn and onion. With a winegrette  

3. juni 2013

New UDS - build :) for a friend

This time I had a friend from work wanting to give away a spesial gift. What else than the Ultimate smoker :)

started of with a drum ( as last time) new and never used before.... Much better looking than my first.

Used Duxola paint remover... two rounds. thats working great.

Stripped and ready for drilling:

Drilled and ready for paint:

Then the fun part :) assembley.

And the result, smoking :) 

Easy as can get :) thank you for Engeneering this UDS kit Big Poppa. not that expensive to import to norway either. Same with denmark and Sweden to.

I might order some more just let me know and I'll order with more pepole. ( need atleast five drumset)

klikk on my FB page and send me an PM.

25. mai 2013

Bull Mesquite charcoal

tasting the word, mesquite... we dont have that in norway, not in te wild anyway. but we have an importer here that import some lumps with this exotic charcoal and chunks. In Sundance Webshop You will find anything you need for a nice BBQ or smoking or even grilling

Today I wantes to try this exotic charkoal Mesquite. Hard chunks nice lumps and easy to get started:

After 10 min I lowered my charcoal basket in my BP engeneered Drumsmoker. got a steady temp and made my lime fajitas ----

 Had a real feest, smoked the dinner and the desert grilled :)
Lowered the basket and let it steady on 225-235*F

and after 5 hours this was left

This will be tried next time the pork shoulder cmes ut! easy 15 hurs with this lumps I think..

Hope this was to use.

Thanks for klikking . 

22. mai 2013


I am sorting the latest pictures at my storrage plase, they will be back shortly ! 

Sorry the inconvinient that it make. 

-- Nafle --

My UDS Adventure - extras.

As I have learned to use the UDS I found that by adding some small extra part it made the whole experience much better and you CAN make everything on this drum!!

At first I found out that a Ash tray were a Nice thing to have when I should clean out the drum. So I got hold of a pizza tray that was 17". Drilled three holes and fastened three 1.5" nuts and bolts so I got "leggs" on the ash tray

Then I got an "old" kettle rack and use as a heat deflctor on the upper charcoal base. I drilles holes in one that I use as deflector, and one Whole that I use as a heat shield where I can use a wather pan.

With these modifications I really loves my Engeneered UDS. :)

I also discovered that if you need a new grate the 22,5" from weber fits Perfect. and the stainless steel is to prefere if you use the drum a bit :)

to cover whn not in use the kettle cover for the weber or  any other 22.5" grill will do. I use the cheep weber that you can get for aproximatly 10-15 $

The sidde  table that you can get for the weber 22.5" kettle also fits nice

Hope this was usefull and thansk you for watching.