11. mai 2015

Pork chops

Hi to you all that have klikked on my site. I'm sorry I have been writing here lately. I do by the way publice more often on my FB site: FB NafleBBQ.

Anyway, this weekend I have been trying to prepare to upgrade my back port. so something simple had to be made.

Pork chops, potatosalad and salad with grilled beatroot. 

The drum is a litle rusty after a hard winter (not used nearly enough) fired up. When the heat got right, I seasoned the pork chops with Big Poppa desert gold ,and made the potato salad.



3 dl Sourcream
1 dl Majo
1 tbl spoonLemon juice
by choise Nice BBQ seasoning
7 Potatoes (bouled or baked in cubes)
1-2 Green apple cut in to cubes
1-2 spring onions
smal can sweet corn

Mix it all together and place in fridgerator.

The heat is right 225*F the chops get on the smoke - Today I used apple because of the mild nice flavour to the pork. Left it on for about an hour (use a thermomether for a core tempereture if you nre sure).

When done i wrapped them in foil and rested for 10 min. Lifted the charcoal bin to get a nice hot temperature. seared the meat for 30 sec on eatch side (to get the grid).

Sun was shining when I plated and served:

Hope you liked this - and tnx for klikking. More will come soon.

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