12. mai 2013

Pork tenderlion - braid

Well then the Rub came from Big Poppa I had to try it :)

So inspired from something Cowgirl did some time back i got myself a pork tenderlion, potatoes, Chinese cabbage and tomatoes.

Splitt the Tenderlion ito three aqual render, and sprinkeled them with the BPS – money rub. Made the braid and sprinkeled a little on top.

When the meat was on the Engenered drum I prepared the potatoes, cut them in halves with springonions and BPS drisseled desert gold on top with a dash of good olive oil.

Then my youngest doughter and I went for a smal bicycle ride just becauce we culd and the eat and potatoes das smoking on 250 – 275*F for that hour.

With a UDS you can do a lot other things than watching the meat or the food all the time. :)

Back home we bacom wraped the corn drisseled it with BPS Sweet money rub.

The Chineese cabbage was cut and had olive oil and a drissle of Chef Paul Prudhomme's Vegetable Magic

The tomatoes was the last thing on to the drum. Just a toutch of BPS dble seacret steak rub made them just perfect.

Litle by litle all came together in the drum, the charcoal basket came on the upper level for the last searsing.

Since the Cheneese cabbage takes the heat well it stay crisp and taks well up flavours. and the olive oil makes the heart of the cabbage very tender.

The tenderlion was tender and tasty.

Perfect dinner and a verry nice first try with BPS - rub's :) I'll recomed this aytime :)