6. mai 2013

Babybaks most tender I had

Usually we don't make much babybacks in our home. It is litle and (mostly) dry meat. So when I go 26 lbs og babybacks from my brother in law, I had to try harder.

Went in on BPTV and found the video of babybacks. And since I don't have the magic rub from BP yet I had to modify my on

The babybacks went on for smoke at 250* for 1,5 - 2 hours... then tinfoiled with the magic brown, honney butter and on for another 2 hours.

Made som mashed potatoes ad smoked that for 10 min with tomatoes and some beans from yesterday

And when I opened the foil.. it was like a revelation

Plated andserved on the first first springday that was hot eough to almoust eat out

Thanks for the great video tutorial BP