2. des. 2012

Lamb with ratatouille.

Just a little I did earlier. Whole lamb thigh. Started to cut out the hip bone, and trimmed some fat so it was all ready for seasoning

To get the right spices to set in the meat, i sprayed the meat with lemon juice. and covered it up in mustard.

Made some hole in the steak and had Rosemaria and garlic cleaves in them.

So trimmed and seasoned with a mix of thyme rosemary, garlic, mustard and lemon the meat had the night in the fridge.

At the time I did this I didn't have any smoker. but my 22,5" Weber did it.

When the lamb was resting I made a delicious ratatouille.   Chopped onions, paprika, aubergine, squash, garlic, salt, pepper and canned tomatoes with chili. 

For 15-20 min I stirred until the onion and paprika were tender.

All serves with potatoes, ratatouille and the lamb.