20. mai 2013

ABT - Atomic Buffalo Turds

These little buggers are a nice fingernsack, starter or simply a nice lunch.

These are usually made with jallapeon pepers, but I really love them with chilli pepers instead.

For this litle taste bomb you will need:

- Chilli / Jallapenos
- Coctail sausages
- Cheddar / burger cheese
- Bacon
- and a nice seasoning.

Start by clean out the seads from the chilli / Jallapeno. Cut the cheese in peases that will fit inside the Chilli / allapeo and top with a sausage.

Then the bacon will cover the whole thing in a butifull wrap, finnishing it af with your choice of seasoning.
( Nafle Puled pork rub will be excellent  :)

On indirect heat ( no more than 225* F 110*C) for 15 - 20 min with some smoke. here I used aple wood.

Put the grate with the ABT off the heat and rice the temp - the cheese will get a little firmer before we sears off the bacon for the final touch.

Do NOT do all at the same time the cheese will then melt and make a big mess :)

Ready to serve:

This was a nice lunch - Good warm but still tasty whe they are cold to a ice football with a beer (or two)