30. aug. 2013

Moinkballs - texmex style

Then the summer is on the run and the fall is on the way. Time to get the UDS out again. I recon that moust of you know about the combination  of meatballs and bacon in a nice glace. And I know many uses frosen, premade meatballs for that.

I prefer to make the meatballs raw, and bacon wrap them and smoke for 40-50 min at 120- 150*F

the UDS i perfect for this cook.

You will need:

800gr. Minched meat
1 yellow onion,
1-2 cloves garlic
2-4 tb spoons nafle taco seasoning
1 chilli, (non seeded for some more heat)

2-4 packages of nice bacon slices.

To get moust flavour of the smoke, put the meat on before the heat are on the spot ( The cold smoke sets a better flavour than the hot the first 10 min.

scoop 1 tb spoon and shape the meatballs.

light the charcoals and take the apple wood chunks out of the water,

Wrap the bacon around (I preffer twice) the meatballs

put on the UDS - with the charcoal bin at the lowest with a heatdeflector.

After 30 min I try to see if the meatballs are "set" and glaces them first time.

35 min glace secound time
40 min glace tird time
45 min glace last time
50 min done.

these moink balls are superb in the lunch boks, in salads, with pasta or baked potatoes. also with rice.

Enjoy, and thanks for klikking . :)

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