22. mai 2013

My UDS Adventure - extras.

As I have learned to use the UDS I found that by adding some small extra part it made the whole experience much better and you CAN make everything on this drum!!

At first I found out that a Ash tray were a Nice thing to have when I should clean out the drum. So I got hold of a pizza tray that was 17". Drilled three holes and fastened three 1.5" nuts and bolts so I got "leggs" on the ash tray

Then I got an "old" kettle rack and use as a heat deflctor on the upper charcoal base. I drilles holes in one that I use as deflector, and one Whole that I use as a heat shield where I can use a wather pan.

With these modifications I really loves my Engeneered UDS. :)

I also discovered that if you need a new grate the 22,5" from weber fits Perfect. and the stainless steel is to prefere if you use the drum a bit :)

to cover whn not in use the kettle cover for the weber or  any other 22.5" grill will do. I use the cheep weber that you can get for aproximatly 10-15 $

The sidde  table that you can get for the weber 22.5" kettle also fits nice

Hope this was usefull and thansk you for watching.

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