25. mai 2013

Bull Mesquite charcoal

tasting the word, mesquite... we dont have that in norway, not in te wild anyway. but we have an importer here that import some lumps with this exotic charcoal and chunks. In Sundance Webshop You will find anything you need for a nice BBQ or smoking or even grilling

Today I wantes to try this exotic charkoal Mesquite. Hard chunks nice lumps and easy to get started:

After 10 min I lowered my charcoal basket in my BP engeneered Drumsmoker. got a steady temp and made my lime fajitas ----

 Had a real feest, smoked the dinner and the desert grilled :)
Lowered the basket and let it steady on 225-235*F

and after 5 hours this was left

This will be tried next time the pork shoulder cmes ut! easy 15 hurs with this lumps I think..

Hope this was to use.

Thanks for klikking . 

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