19. nov. 2012

Building my UDS Smoker - part 3

Well after a long wait my engineered UDS (that's not that ugly) are done and ready for smoke. Tnx to Big Poppa smokers Kristen and my lovely cousin Jennifer.

 Friday my package arrived. But that evening I had dinner at my brother.

Saturday evening, went in my shed and started drilling the holes, templates were easy to understand and all went on 45 minutes.  Drilled a small hole first and then the tool that came in the package.

painted the last layer of paint at 02:15 that night.

Sunday,before everyone else were up I almost ran to assemble the drum, and everything vent smood in about 30 minutes.

Just love the details with this drum:

Thermometer, bottle opener and the shield does everything and makes it a  beauty.
forgot the air vent in the bottom and one in the lid.

Fired up my 22.5 and Big D. and made some good smoked Norwegian "ribbe" and ribs on Big D

 Lots of space for the rib's and the baced beans.

After 11 hours there were a lot of coals left.

And the temperature were surprisingly stable on 225 - 200*F