10. juni 2013

Ribeye Medium Rare

After assembeling a drum smoker for my friend, i really got hungry. So the ribeye I had in the refridgerator had to get room tempered. propper rubbed and rested it came on for some smoke on 250* - 275*F and smoket wit mesquit lumps until it reached an internal temp for 140*F.

Set aside and rested for 10 min while the charcoal bin was set in high position for the sear.

During the cok it came a rainstorm... and the drum held the temp right on :)

Seared for two minutes each side, then done.. :)

The potatoes took a litle longer than I had thought, so at the end i wrapped them in tinfoil with a drop of wather so they got steemed the last bit. But got a nice smoked flavour.

The corn bacon wrapped was on the last thing just searing. Served with salad of choice. this time with feta cheese iceberg salad, tomatoes, sweet corn and onion. With a winegrette  

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