24. okt. 2012

Sweet chicken

Well after the last x-box update I can edit my blog on the TV :)

So I'll just write the tekst for now.. pictures will come later. Last March it was actually a cold Tuesday. (approx 12 F).

 I came home from work. I lit the grill and took the chicken from the refrigerator.

 I had prepped them before I went to work. Cooked the rice and mixed some salad.

The back of the chicken leg was seperated from the drumtick and deboned.

The skin was trimmed and pulled back to it and shaped as a ball. mopped this with BBQ sauce during the time on the grill every 10- 15 min.

I used apple smoke from own apple tree, that makes a sweet smoke taste that completes the taste with Sweet BBQ sauce.I let the chicens BBQ on approx 400 F for 45-60 min indirect.

 If you like it a little crisp, rise the temperature and take a finish on direct heat.

 NB! the sugguar in the BBQ sauce easely burns, so don't leave it on direct heat for long !!

Served with salad and rice with an traditional chicken sauce, this was a  nice meal on a tuesday :)