21. nov. 2012

Bacon wrapped armadillon egg.

 Well my wife just love these for lunch, so i made some of them for her:

800 g minced meat
some taco/ texmex seasoning (one you like)
jalapenos/ chilies
hamburger cheese
and my own PP rub for seasoning the bacon.

(if you like you can mop the eggs/ turds with a good sauce)

Mix the meat with the taco/ texmex seasoning. Clean the pepper/jalapeno for seeds and fill with the burger cheese (cut the cheese in bits makes it easier) wrap the meat around the chilli/ jalapeno. and cover up with the seasoned meat. sprinkle over the PP rub and hit the drum on 230* with smoke for 1.5 hours. If you like the bacon to get a bit crispy rice the coals to the higher level and rice the temp. let the last 5-10 minutes be a high temp ending

The ones in the middle took som ekstra beating from the heat so be carefull next time :)