3. juni 2013

New UDS - build :) for a friend

This time I had a friend from work wanting to give away a spesial gift. What else than the Ultimate smoker :)

started of with a drum ( as last time) new and never used before.... Much better looking than my first.

Used Duxola paint remover... two rounds. thats working great.

Stripped and ready for drilling:

Drilled and ready for paint:

Then the fun part :) assembley.

And the result, smoking :) 

Easy as can get :) thank you for Engeneering this UDS kit Big Poppa. not that expensive to import to norway either. Same with denmark and Sweden to.

I might order some more just let me know and I'll order with more pepole. ( need atleast five drumset)

klikk on my FB page and send me an PM.

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