10. juni 2013

Salmon plank smoked

After a lot of meat on the Big D. I desided that it was time to have some easy but still tasty food. Some time back I found a ressepie that supposely are an old native american tradition from the area Pacific Northwest. and the Swedish also have an tradition of making fish this way. For the right flavour and heat resistanse I use Cedertree plank for cooking.

First I got two nice peaces of salmon. Coated them with a layer of mustard. Here you can use aone you like.

Then a little bit of brown sugguar

Some lemon pepper

and topping with dill

you might also add a lime or lemon slice or two on top of this.

I wanted to steam the potatoes so I wrapped them in tinnfoil and addet half a cup of wather

The plank was soaked for 6 hours and placed directly over the charcoal until it started do smoke. then the deflector and potatoes was placed on top of the charcoal bin.

The plank with was placed with the hot side UP and the fish was placed with the skinn side DOWN on the hot plank and the lid was placed. Let the whole thing smoke with apple chunks for 20 - 30 min on 275-285*F (135*C)

The temp on the side in the drum
Temp in the middle of the drum

The fish was NOT dry for anyone thinking that and the potatoes got 10 min more on the drum than the fish.

Testing the fish with a fork that it is cooked properly. On the side of the fish you see the probe for the Igrill.

Served with cucumber salad - Bon apetit.

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