17. okt. 2012

Hot spareribs

I made this the first time in February and again with more experience in May.

I first started to remove the membrane on the back of the ribs, and covered them up in mustard (love the French’s.) and rubbed the ribs in this hot rub before I sat them in the refrigerator until I came home from work.  

 I let the temperature set on 225-230 and stacked the ribs, for an hour.   

Had some apple juice on a spray can and sprayed a few times for the next hours. When the meat started to let go of the bones, I started to mop with a spicy sauce and continued mopping every ten minutes the last hour. 

The last hour I also prepared Nafle’s baked beans, started off with Boston baked beans. But didn’t like the black beans and that I had to cook for hours, so this was the best result I came up with. I had them I’m the BBQ for the last hour so it got the right smoked flavor (I sometimes use liquid smoke if I don’t have apple chunks left, got some bottles from my uncle in Texas)

Served with Homemade mashed potatoes, baked beans and salad, this was great meal.

You can go less on the cayenne if you don’t like it to hot.